Why Waking Down® works so well

for people who want a direct, rapid path
to embodied Awakening

— and what that shift can mean for your everyday living
and your one-of-a-kind purpose and contributions

Saniel and Linda
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

Welcome to Waking Down in Mutuality®

Thank you for your interest in exploring this remarkable opportunity – to Wake Down in Mutuality! However you’ve arrived, welcome. People are visiting us here at this site from all over the world, and we’re delighted to introduce you to what we’re offering.

The evidence has been consistently showing up for nearly 20 years: time and again, this life-path or Way works amazingly well for people who seriously desire embodied spiritual Awakening.

The great majority of people who engage it steadily do in fact enter stable, permanent, non-separate, deeply grounded Oneness with the great Mystery of life.

Not only that, most of them do that within several months to several years.

What about you? What brings you here?

It may be a passionate yearning for your own embodied spiritual Awakening. It could just be curiosity – but it could also be a hunger at your core for something fundamental. For a new, confident depth of integrity. An unshakable connection with your essence that also puts you in touch with all of life in a deeper way. It could be all of the above.

And you might also have a desire to be in contact with other people who feel similarly, people who – like you – are looking for real, authentic, live and enlivening connections and communication among the mountains of deadening information we all get barraged with every day.

Whatever has attracted you, we’re confident that our growing worldwide community of Waking Down teachers, mentors, and practitioners can be of help to you. Click to find out more about...

  1. Ten reasons why Waking Down works so well for people who want to awaken whole-bodily and live an authentic, conscious life

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Tovie-Brita-Liz Waking Down is a whole-being transformational process that’s just come into the world in the last two decades. One of us, Saniel Bonder, is its Founding Teacher. The other, Linda Groves-Bonder, Saniel’s wife and partner, is a leading Senior Teacher of the work. There are more than 30 other certified teachers, mostly based in the U.S., many authorized mentors, and hundreds of awakening and awakened practitioners around the planet. Our commitment to mutuality extends to our teachers’ association and main educational training institute, which are collectively governed and run.

So, why exactly does Waking Down have such results?

What allows it to help so many people who hunger to find and embody Being so directly, to actually succeed – and so fast?

Ten Reasons Why Waking Down Works So Well

for people who want to Awaken whole-bodily
and live an authentic conscious life

  1. Waking Down “greenlights” every part of who you have been, are, and are becoming ... The whole spirit of the Waking Down work continually says “YES!” to your whole being. [Click on any reason for more info.]

  2. Waking Down is democratic, warmly humane, pragmatic, experiential, and “sticky” ... There is no pecking order in terms of personal worthiness or having your voice heard.

  3. Waking Down is ego-friendly and ego-transcending ... Yes, that’s right: both or “both/and.” Your fundamental, individual sense of “I” or “me” gets included in this approach.

  4. Waking Down is generated from the very root-source of your life and awareness. ... In this work, you soon recognize that the state-of-the-art evolutionary force of transformation you’re plugged into is self-activating from your own source.

  5. Waking Down is transmission-activated ... This work relies most in the early phases on your receiving and metabolizing the transmission of the Awakened condition, principally from awakened Waking Down teachers.

  6. Waking Down is NOT cookie-cutter, regimented, hierarchical, or dissociative ... It’s not one-size-fits-all, so that everyone does the same practices. It’s uniquely tailored to each individual.

  7. Waking Down is Matter-positive, body-positive, and Earthly life-positive as well as Spirit-positive ... We see Matter as being equally real, divine, and important as Spirit.

  8. Waking Down is a welcoming melting pot from the global living lineage of spirituality – where something new is always cooking! ... People have come into Waking Down, and continue to, from many different schools, traditions, lineages and teachings.

  9. Waking Down is you-centric and us-centric, not tradition-centric, doctrine-centric, or teacher-centric ... Waking Down is aspirant-centric.

  10. Waking Down is an unstoppable, bio-spiritually natural evolutionary event ... Once the Sun in your heart is activated, not even your most broken zones can prevent it from rising.

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“Why Waking Down Can Work for YOU”

It’s not possible to explain all these points in depth here. In fact, we hope that what you’ve encountered here will stimulate you to learn more about Waking Down and get more complete answers for any questions all this brings up.

One way you can do that is by listening to one or more of the 1-hour discussions of why this Way can work for you in our free seminar series, “Why Waking Down Can Work for YOU.” Each discussion features a brief presentation by one or both of us on how Waking Down works so well, as well as more on why, and includes practical information on what learning and practicing this work entails. Many sessions feature awakened teachers, mentors, or practitioners as guest speakers. There are questions from participants and we occasionally give information about Waking Down events and offerings online and in our regional communities.

Audio seminars on “Why Waking Down Can Work for YOU”
featuring Saniel Bonder, Linda Groves-Bonder and guests

  1. “The Evolutionary Necessity of Waking, Down, and Mutuality”

  2. “The Core Wound/Wellness Mystery and How Understanding It Can ‘Greenlight’ Your Healing of the Spirit/Matter Split”

  3. “The Amazing Differences That This Heart-Transmission Can Make for YOU”

  4. “Core WDM Transitions: the Second Birth and the White Heat or ‘Great Fusion’”

  5. “Conscious Embodiment and Character Development: WDM Perspectives”

  6. “The Spirit/Matter Split: Our Species-Wide Predicament of Hypermasculine Dissociation”

  7. “You Matter: The Magic of Mutual Listening”

  8. “Integrity and Perseverance in Embodied Conscious Life”

  9. Bonus report: “Five Keys to Sane Living”

  10. “When Down Is Up: Reframing the Dark and the Negative”

  11. “The Gifts That Daring Can Give to Self-Understanding”

  12. “On ‘Rotting’ into a Core-Generated Way of Living”

  13. “Different Paths, Different Peaks -- and Different Transmissions between Different Dharmas”

  14. “Why Consciousness Work Can Be So Important”

  15. “When It's No Longer Appropriate to Greenlight a Shadow Issue”

  16. Bonus seminar: “Waking Down: A New, Effective Path to Awakened Living”

  17. “Why Waking Down Might NOT Work for You If...”

  18. “A Shift in Spirit's Direction: From Up and Out to Down and In”

  19. “A New Participant Experiences Deep ‘Six-Step Recognition Yoga’”

  20. “Another Take on the Core Wound and This Curious Life”

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Blessings always,

P.S. Many thanks to Mark and Vivian Andrews and Elaine C. of Waking Down SF Bay Area for their helpful comments on and suggestions for the "Ten Reasons."

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