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The Heart of the Matter

an introduction to Waking Down in Mutuality and
the “Key Questions & Core Distinctions” audio course with

Saniel Bonder

Thank you so much for your interest in Waking Down in Mutuality. We're happy to offer you this introduction at no charge.

In this presentation, Saniel discusses how the current distinctions between the spirit/matter split (hypermasculine dissociation) and the "Core Wound/Wellness Mystery" have evolved in his and Linda's teaching work, and how all these relate to traditional concepts of human sin, suffering, ignorance, and illusion.

About the “Key Questions & Core Distinctions” audio course

Fork in the Road

The 8 sessions of the Key Questions & Core Distinctions audio course go deep into crucial elements of the Waking Down in Mutuality (WDM) work and the "ROSE" (radical organismic sentient emergence) evolutionary process and worldview that it naturally engenders in those who advance in its practice. Saniel Bonder, the founder of WDM, chose the 8 topics that he and a small group of live participants discussed in each session, and the participants also contributed important questions that Saniel and others addressed.

This course is a unique opportunity to hear one of the most innovative spiritual teachers working today engaging, on the spot, in further clarifications of this uncommonly effective transformational path and how it relates to the traditions that surround it and have made it possible. Listeners will need to come to the course with a strong understanding of the basic Waking Down in Mutuality teachings.

Course Topics

Initiate stone relief
  1. Non-separateness vs. non-duality in Second Birth awakening
  2. Ego, Being, and the spectrum of identity: is there a "True Self"?
  3. Past shadow and future shadow in radical organismic shadow work
  4. Activism and service: do these have a place in our Way?
  5. The tantric tension between autonomy and mutuality
  6. When "down" ceases to be your real "direction"
  7. The next challenges facing the WDM culture
  8. What differences the White Heat or "Super-Fusion" does – and doesn't – make.

Registration Information

This course is delivered via the Internet. The lessons may be downloaded to your computer.
The course fee is $198. To register, visit our webstore.